Garage Accessories


Once your garage door has been installed, it’s time to take security to the next level with Mudgee Home Improvements range of garage door accessories. Your garage door should be as protected as your locked front door. Thanks to B&D, you can be sure your home will remain safe with smart solutions and security features such as keypads, safety beams and deadbolt-locking systems.

Here at Mudgee Home Improvements, we supply and install top of the range garage door accessories to boost security, safety and the longevity of our customers' garage doors.

Worry no more about whether you remembered to close the garage this morning! With compatible smartphone connections, you can control your garage from anywhere. The B&D Smart Phone Control kits are designed to give you peace of mind and monitor your home whenever you need. With real-time notifications, this is one accessory Mudgee locals love!

Central West’s most secure home!

With our heavy-duty Auto-lock system, cameras and even infrared safety beams, you are guaranteed to be the Central West’s most secure home!

We offer obligation-free consultations to anyone in the Central West region looking to upgrade their existing doors’ accessories or install an entirely new door.

Our B&D To You van comes straight to your driveway with our entire showroom of garage doors and accessories. For more information, contact us today!

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